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Feb 28, 2010

English and Engrish

Actually we know that International language are English, and but for anyone that not very use English everyday, we sometime feel that it's hard to explain something in English, and the English become Engrish. Or know like error English, in explanation, writing and grammar.

And I said that normal, cos I the one tat try to explain something in English but the out put become Engrish. Kinda funny for someone who good in English, but it's oke cause I still learn it. I more hard when I not try to write in English, cos when want to share something to someone in other country but not know how to explain it.

however, just writ it down on the blog, forum or other media. Explain anything that you want to share, just make them feel that you really want to share the story. I think their will understand.

Enjoy writing~ :) & continue learning ^^

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